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HELCOR - Discover diversity!

Individuality is becoming more important not only in private settings. Also in their working environment people want to look good, not accepting anymore any usual articles.

The automotive industry demands high class and technically sophisticated leather, while upholstery leathers must fulfill all kinds of design requirements at the same time with highest levels of functionality.

Shoe makers set high requirements to the quality of leather. Beside optical settings, durability and breathability, design is as well decisive as for bags and accessories, where customers require uniqueness, exclusivity and creativity.

We at HELCOR step up to these challenges.

HELCOR ennobles split leather by using a patented finishing process.

For more than 25 years we are able to produce a technically high-class, innovative and lively leather from a rather faceless and commonly perceived inferior substrate.

While creating a face in form of a special surface, we work inside the frames of ISO 9001, 50001 und 16949, keeping at the same time the LWG gold status.


HELCOR is presenting a collection of design- and performance oriented leathers by translating actual colourtrends into sophisticated leather while keeping all necessary properties.

Various different surfaces like natural leather optics, colourful artificial surfaces and high performance automotive leathers, will be joined by a variety of exhibits like leather goods, shoes and automotive interior.

3-D Carbone

3-D Carbone

High performance leather with carbon-optics. The surface of this leather is originally taken from real carbon and convinces with the typical high-deep and dull-gloss-effect. Whether in the automotive field or using it in leather goods or furniture, this leather is a real eye-catcher. Available as chrometanned or chrome-free in a wide range of colours.

Stingray Bicolor Magenta-Purple

Stingray Bicolor Magenta-Purple

The award-winning "Best New Leather" of the 2016 APLF.
Our stingray surface is mainly used in the footwear segment and in leather goods. The bicolor effects give the leather a noble and slightly crazy aspect and is always a real eyecatcher. Available in many different colour mixes.



Technical leather with special optics in form of distinctive spikes. Likely to be used as an eyecatcher as application in the footwear and/or leather goods segment or even as a whole surface. Available either in different colours or bicolor.


HELCOR presents its new line of leathers, called "Raffinesse" 

HELCOR presents its new line of leathers, called "Raffinesse". The combination of smooth pasteltones and sophisticated surfaces catches the eye immediately.

The colour range is said to be the cutting edge for the next seasons and combined with HELCOR surfaces the design possibilities are unlimited.

Mainly designed for the leathergoods and accessory segment, the new line may also convince the courageous footwear sector.


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Michael Thamm
Managing Director
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